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BWC Management & Consulting Partners was created to help clients around the world with safe, profitable and enjoyable investment in fine wines. Wine has always had a position in the world as a universal symbol that links man with the mystery of life, from the time of Genesis straight through to Greek mythology and into Christian liturgy. With its strong reputation that dates back thousands of years, it is one of the most secure investments that can be added to a financial portfolio. The professionals at BWC Management & Consulting Partners enjoy a close relationship with the best Bordeaux wine estates and can offer their clientele investment opportunities in the most sought after wines. After the initial order, they follow through with valuations, advice on storage facilities and resell.

Why Investment in Wine is a Good Choice

Traditional investments, such as property and shares in the stock market, have been losing ground and are continuing their fast-paced downhill slide. Investments such as these that were once referred to as solid investments and carried little risk are suddenly not so secure. Experts have been seeking out alternative investments that are capable of yielding substantial profits with minimal risk. One of these avenues for gaining respectable returns in a healthy financial portfolio is the addition of investment in wine. This is true especially of fine wines from the Bordeaux region, which has developed a microclimate of good investment. During the recent ten-year period, BWC Management & Consulting Partners have seen investors realise returns of more than 100%. With their knowledge and experience, the professional wine advisors take the mystery out of this new avenue of investment.

Expert Advice when Selecting Investment Quality Wine

There is a wide range of excellent wines that are worthy of investment, but it takes a seasoned expert to know which ones will yield the best profit with the minimum risk. At BWC Management & Consulting Partners, the staff uses their knowledge and experience with fine wines to match up the right type of wine, including its region and vintage, with each investor's needs. Their professional input is especially crucial when investing in En Primeur wines, since it will be at least two years down the road before their true value can be known. In addition, the wine estates do not sell these En Primeur wines to the public, but only through a recognised merchant, so it is important to go forward with the knowledge and hands on experience of the experts. While there is a finite supply of every fine wine, there are many factors that can affect its value. Even the value of a wine that has received excellent reviews can be effected by the differing opinions of renowned wine critics, trends in society or the PR of a particular ch√Ęteau. Factors such as the age of the clientele or their position in society can also have an effect on buying trends and valuations. The BWC Management & Consulting keeps up with the ever-changing wine industry and advises their clients accordingly.

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